Today only is your day to do this…

In 2007, I noticed a post that  Kelly K. (pictured above) wrote on the first cancer survivor forum I ever  joined.  I had only been diagnosed for one year at that time.  She had had surgery for what was thought to be a cyst.  She had been put off for 6 weeks by her doctor and even after an elevated ca125 blood test, had to wait 3 weeks for a sonogram, which did not show a mass.  She wrote that she told her doctor that she had all the symptoms of ovarian cancer and was ignored.  She finally found a gynecologist who morcellated the “cyst” and removed it.  He sent it for biopsy and was very surprised to find it was cancerous.  FYI…IF OVARIAN CANCER IS EVER, EVER, SUSPECTED, IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT A GYN/ONCOLOGIST DO THE SURGERY.  This has been shown to increase survival.  Kelly and I became friends quickly.   In the fall of 2007, I was scheduled to attend the first ever Wind River Cancer Retreat here in NC.  The retreat was full and survivors were coming as far away as California.   However, when I shared with Shannon, the owner, Kelly’s situation and need, she insisted that Kelly come, too.  So, Kelly and I met face-to-face for the first time and had an absolute blast.  We were both very scared women, trying to come to terms with what was happening to us.  I learned so much from Kelly.  Her approach to life was amazing.  Her life had not been easy.  In fact, her first day of chemo, she returned home and found that her “guy”  had moved out.  She lived in Tennessee with her dogs and cats, with no family near.  When Kelly opted to stop chemo and garden instead, it was difficult for me.  Although I helped Kelly in many ways (I was her power of attorney, kept her up-to-date on cancer stuff), I later realized that she coached me much more.  For example, I struggled with the decision about retiring, and she was instrumental in  my deciding to do so.  I concluded it was time for me to really live life in the way Kelly K. did.

Kelly K. passed away Nov. 13, 2008 at the age of 49.

I hope you will go to and see how she, alone, made a difference.  Then, please, please do the following:

If you have a Facebook account, please help us support cancer survivors by voting for Wind River right now!*
 Voting is open until midnight tonight EST.
 1.    Go to
(you may need to log into your FB acct)
 2.  Click on the Wind River Cancer Wellness Retreats & Programs button
 3. Click the Vote button on the left
 4. Confirm your vote when asked –  DONE!
Kelly and I would both really appreciate you asking your friends to vote to…



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