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So, you thought you were done? Part 2

If you have not read the comments written in reply to my last post, please do.  They were right on target and really got me thinking more about this issue.  I have been reflecting on why it’s so hard to really share true feelings when they are, indeed, not cheery ones.  This recently hit hard …

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So, you thought you were done?

Have you ever been in situations before and heard yourself say ” I sure thought I was done with that!”  Well, I hear many survivors with the same response when they complete their cancer treatment.  This time in their cancer journey seems to be one of the hardest for many survivors and is a time …

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A Real Treat for YOU!

This post is my treat to you on this Halloween!  I am so pleased to introduce you to my friend from the UK (so I will refer to her as UK).  I asked her to do a guest post for us today because I have been so inspired by her blog, “After Cancer Cooking.”   …

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Grieve Well

Evidence-Based Bereavement Grief Coping Strategies. Scientific research has identified many behaviors and attitudes that can help reduce the severity and duration of grieving symptoms.

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