I don’t care…

about pink football cleats or what color towers are.  I just want funding for research NOW so we can find a cure for the monster.

It has again slithered out like a snake taking hold of an unlikely healthy body, loving spouse, dedicated parent and person I love dearly.  Enough said…



  1. Ellen Salerni

    So true and well stated!


  2. Alicia

    Well put, Patsy. I was nervous you were going to put a name up there of someone that has past. You are so right thoygh there is always a some one.


  3. Betsy

    REALLY. Enough is enough. Will keep her (and you) in my prayers, thoughts and whatever else it takes…


  4. Mary Brown

    My first thought was “who?”, but you are soooo right……anyone else is too much!!! Thanks for reminding us.


  5. Well said!


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