Food Fight !!


Hello to you!!  I do hope you are all doing well.  Like me, I bet you are ready for spring.  I can’t wait until warm weather greets me each day. I thought it was time for me to update you on how things are going since being taken off the trial. My survivor friend Mary  (she wrote a fantastic post here on 12/13/13) is truly an inspiration for me.  It helps so much to have someone to talk to and to get encouragement from when you are making changes.  I think this is particularly true with eating healthy since many of the people around us are not as focused on this. Temptation, temptation, temptation.

A little about my history.  I have pretty much always been overweight and struggled with this. By far, my biggest weakness is that I do not stick with exercise. (a post about that later). But since my diagnosis in 2006, I have lost weight and have been eating what most people would define as healthy.  Continuing to take this drug for 4 years resulted in my body taking a bit of a “hit”, the longer I took it the more tired I became and I ate very little.  It was nice not gaining weight; however, I also was not getting the nutrients I needed.

Although I had been eating pretty well , I realized I needed to do more.  Unfortunately, when I stopped the Avastin, I gained some weight.  This was discouraging for me; however, I reminded myself I was in this for the long haul and needed to hang in there.  As I mentioned in a previous post, I was diagnosed with celiac disease and the rare disease of mast cell in September and you remember the rest of the story….kicked off the trial and referred to the kidney doctor due to suspected kidney disease.

I decided that healthy eating would be my  “treatment” now and my#1 priority. The biggest hurdle was that there are many things I cannot eat due to celiac and mast cell. My celiac was fairly easy…no gluten. Mast cell disease is much trickier. I cannot eat much food that is high in histamine since this may cause an attack.  The tricky part is that day-to-day the amount of food with histamine I can eat changes.  And, of course, it’s the veggies and fruits that are problems for me.

I decided to do a Paleo “framework” plan and eat primarily organic foods.  A very, very different way of eating.  I have had to adjust this some due to my other diagnoses.  I was so fortunate to finally locate a nutritionist that is very knowledgeable about celiac, cancer, and mast cell.  What a dream!  My integrative doctor and my osteopathic doctor have worked closely with me to determine what supplements I need to take.

I am so glad to be able to report that my recent labs were fantastic!!   My cholesterol, thyroid (I have hypothyroidism), vitamin D and on and on looked perfect.  I have had skin problems all my life and now  it is not much improved.  I saw my Kidney doctor for a return visit and he informed me I did not need to return.  Talk about being happy!  My kidney labs had shown great improvement.  Of course, I realize much of this is due to giving my body a break from drugs. ButI also believe my healthy eating has contributed.  My dear friends, Mary and Erica, are also following a paleo diet.  They are much, much more consistent and successful than I am. Recently, Erica learned that her disease had retreated and Mary learned that her tumor markers have decreased significantly.  Coincidental?  Maybe, but I firmly believe we all need to celebrate our efforts!  My philosophy for cancer survivors is to “ride whatever wave works for as long as you can.”

So, what’s next?  I strive to do better sticking with my plan.  Can you relate?  It takes a lot of work.   As Mary once told me it feels as if you’re either grocery shopping or preparing food. (Costco is now my best friend for organic buys). Yep, it takes time and planning.   Some days I am very lazy about eating healthy. How do you stay the course?

I do hope my struggles and gains will help you with yours.   After all, that’s why I write this blog! I’d really appreciate it if you’d share any struggles and successes you have had in the healthy eating area.  I know it would help me tremendously and others, too. I feel better than I have in years.  Both my body and spirit feel renewed…I am Blessed…



  1. I am so glad that you, Mary, and Erica have all seen such improvement! it’s hard when every book you read or person you talk to says something different we “should” or “should not” be doing. It sounds like you’ve got it pretty much figured out though and are doing so good!! Your labs are living proof! Keep up the good work. And thank you so much for sharing your struggles. It is good to know we’re not alone in these things.


  2. Mary Brown

    Hey Patsy! So glad things are going well! I too am feeling the healthiest in my life! Congrats on your progress, we are definitely on the cusp of a new way of eating. My best advise for newbies is to pick one thing at a time to change, like give up wheat or sugar, and then take on more changes gradually. It is very overwhelming at first but it does get easier, especially when you begin to feel so good! The other thing would be to wash your veggies and have ready to cook before storing if you can. Then cooking is so much easier to grab and go!! Really proud of you! God Bless! Mary


  3. Alicia Logsdon

    I love hearing about your work, your days, your recovery and your triumphs. I am so happy that you are healthy and living proof that smart living works. I hadn’t seen a blog in a while, keeping up with you on facebook is great! I am thrilled about your Kidney results. I know you are probably feeling over the moon about it though, lol! Continue to take care and God bless you in all that you are achieving!


  4. Dave & Shannon

    Wonderful to hear that your changes in diet are making REAL change in your blood chemistry AND in your life! Everyone’s body is different (that’s for sure), but preaching a whole food (mostly plant based) and mostly organic has become rather routine for us anymore since it’s proven to reduce risks of cancer, diabetes, heart disease, etc. AND exercise (30 minutes a day of getting your heart rate up). It really is nothing new, but everybody is ready to hear the message (or not) at different points in their journey. SOO glad you are finding it useful. Here is a link to our friend Julie’s website (she’s an oncological nutritionist with good, practical advice) – you can also signup for her newsletter which is really a blog:


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