“5 Realities of Life When You Know you are Going to Die”

I recently posted this article (from the Cracked website) on Facebook and was so impressed with the insightful comments my friends had regarding it.  I am posting it here for those of you that did not see it.


What are your thoughts? Do any of these “ring” true for you?



  1. Yes, Yes, 10 times yes they rang true. Especially the bus analogy. Why is it always a bus? If I had a dollar for every time someone said “but you could go out and get hit by a bus” I would be pretty wealthy. Also, the very small percentage of funds that many nonprofits designate for research. It was a great article. Thanks for sharing it.


  2. Thank you, Sharon. And, CONGRATULATIONS on your good, improved scan report today. You so deserve it, my friend!


  3. Tammy Fantz

    The whole article is thought provoking and SO familiar to me (st IV OVC) and I love the way the one gal went ahead and had a baby! How awesome. The only thing I don’t agree with is shoving it down people’s throats that you are terminal.
    What I mean is,I know that I will be sick again, but nobody knows exactly what my journey is gonna look like – I’ve even surprised my oncologist a few times. So my philosophy is that I will not tell people that I am “dying” until I actually am— every other day I am living!


  4. Great! Thank for sharing


  5. I am a person who survived from cancer(fortunately for the Cancer Treatments I went through) but still I haven’t recovered from that mentality of being a cancer patient.Everything mentioned in this article is true.It speaks a cancer patient’s mind.The pain due to the social pressure you get is higher than the pain of knowing you have cancer.Thank you for directing to this article.


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